Keeping the Wolf Out: Series 2

Thanks again Aunt Beeb…she’s now commissioned me to write another 3 episodes of KEEPING THE WOLF OUT.  A Cold War thriller with lots of goulash.

Leo Bill is cool and effective as Detective Bertalan.  Andy Linden is his bastard of a boss.  A man with bigotries to outrageous that he makes Donald Trump look like – look like – actually let’s not go there. He’s a bastard through and through.

And the wondrous Clare Corbett plays Bertalan’s wife Franciska.  Who will, I predict, since this is how I’m writing it, become ever more important to the stories as Series 2 develops.

Way back then, in the 1960s, the countries on the other side of the Iron Curtain truly feared America. They feared its wrath, its power, and they feared its imperial ambitions.  Now, with a new President-elect in place, we have even more reason to – no no! Let’s STILL not go there.  Too much reality.

This show of mine has been nominated for a BBC Audio drama award.  Clare Corbett is also nominated as Best Supporting Actress for her playing of Franciska.


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