Red and Blue – the first six episodes

Thanks Auntie Beeb…for repeating the entire first two series of RED AND BLUE, my wargame/state of the planet drama series which I’ve been writing over the last four or five years.

The war to create a greater Kurdistan…the SAS in the desert…a terror attack on London…a global pandemic that will decimate humankind…these are just some of the nightmare scenarios I’ve written about.  Think DOOMWATCH without the cheery optimism…(!) NOTE FOR YOUNGER READERS: That was a TV series once upon a time…in the days before Netflix.

I was privileged to work with the great Tim Woodward, who plays wargamist supreme Bradley Shoreham, playing against wonderful talents like Lloyd Hutchinson, Bill Paterson and Harriet Walter.

Episode 1 of Series 1 is on iPlayer now.

Eps  2 and 3 are on successive Thursdays from this week.

Series 2 begins in February.



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