Red and Blued…


Series 1 of Red and Blue has been and gone…I’m thrilled with the response.  And the consensus seems to be that Tim Woodward (above) stole the show as former Lieutenant Colonel Bradley Shoreham, wargamer and people-manipulator.  Some people say he’s evil; I always saw him as the good guy. Just, well, ruthless about his objective; which is to make people think deeply and properly about what they are doing and how,  BEFORE they’re in a real-life war situation.

The show was not without its controversy.  There were six complaints, which is five more than any other radio drama I’ve ever worked on (I did get one complaint about my free adaptation of Spenser’s Fairie Queene, saying it wasn’t faithful to the original – which, hey, it wasn’t!)  The complaints all focused on the final episode Terror, in which Bradley Shoreham and a senior British officer discuss ways in which terrorists might attack London. Some felt it was a ‘how to’ manual for terrorists. But in reality, if you’re a terrorist,  you will  already know this stuff.

Terror was a character study, and a piece of real  life horror writing; forget vampires and ghosts, these are the things we should really be worrying about…

The series couldn’t have been more timely – since London, in the buildup to the Olympics, is turning into a military zone. There was a recent story about residents of a tower block alarmed to find that the military were installing rocker launchers on their rooftops, to shoot at the enemy, if there is an enemy.  Exactly the kind of scenario that Bradley might have wargamed.

I’m now pitching for a second series – Red and Blue 2 – the creative team (especially Toby and Sasha) are absolutely fantastic, and I’d love the chance to write for Bradley Shoreham again.

PS RED AND BLUE IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD AT AUDIOGO, FOR BRITISH AND OVERSEAS LISTENERS.  You can buy it an ep at a time or have the box set for less than a fiver in English money.


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