TX: Hearts and Minds


Today is the broadcast date for Episode 1 of my new radio drama series RED AND BLUE.   This is a fast-talking drama about the world of military wargames – wars fought with words.

Episode 1, Hearts and Minds, tells the story of a large scale military wargame featuring a major conflict between the Reds and the Blues, after the Reds have invaded Yellowland.  The Noirs, meanwhile, have secret plans of their own…

Sounds wacky but our beloved military spend a huge amount of time and money rehearsing wars with such wargame scenarios; as my main character Bradley Shoreham  says at one point, we live in the era of the wargame.

Bradley Shoreham is played by the wonderful Tim Woodward, a television and stage star whose father was the late lamented Edward Woodward.  Jeremy Howe, the senior BBC radio drama commissioner, calls his performance ‘mesmerising’, and I thoroughly agree.

Tune in at 2.15, BBC Radio 4, or catch it on iPlayer. If you live outside the UK, it’ll be available on another website next week.

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