The Lost Flanagan Story

I recently did an interview for the charming blogger Alan Kelly, who runs a really cool site called Horror Reanimated.

One of the things Alan asked me about were the Sharrock stories and flash fictions which have been quietly appearing on this site (which are complemented by The Legend of Sharrock, which appears in Further Conflicts).  My aim in posting these stories was to explore further the world of this, one of my favourite characters from Hell Ship. Because of the way that novel works, I never had time to fully develop the universe which Sharrock inhabits (because I destroy it! Yes, that’s kind of guy I am.)  So I hope to add more Sharrock stories and other bits and pieces from Hell Ship in due course.

This question reminded me of something I did quite some time ago, namely, I wrote a story (or a couple of stories) about Flanagan, the hero of Debatable Spaces, and then hid them  somewhere on this website.

It was, as I say, a long time ago, and I can no longer find where I put the darn things. So if anyone spots them – let me know!

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