London Screenwriter’s Festival 2011

I’ve spent the last week or so watching old movies,  as preparation for a part-time teaching job I’m currently doing up in the University of York.  High Noon, Rio Bravo, The Maltese Falcon are among the highlights.  I am having SO much fun here.

And then next Saturday, 29th October, I’m appearing on a panel about Fantastical Television for the London Screenwriter’s Festival.  This is a remarkable event – annoyingly expensive for participants but still very worthwhile.  I’m sharing with panel with Adrian Hodges, who has written for Primeval and Survivors and who I’ve known for many years – he’s a great cineaste, and started his career as a journalist with Screen International.  Paul Cornell is also  on the panel – polymath,  comics writer, Dr Who scribe, who wrote an excellent BBC4 horror piece called Pulse which I recently caught up with. Also Jason Arnupp, who I don’t know; and  the event is moderated by the highly immoderate and shamelessly talented Tom Hunter. Iif you’re planning to be there, do let me know via this site.

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