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It’s been a crazy busy time…I’ve spent all today planning a war in the Middle East, trying to decide whether I should invade Syria in my first wave of attacks or leave it till later. More on that – anon – it connects up to my current project, a radio drama about military wargames.  Recently I spent a day at a top secret location being briefed by an Army boffin…I even got to go inside a tank.  And my days are spent reading about Hezbollah and Mossad and the like.

Whilst all this has been happening, blow me, people have been reviewing HELL SHIP rather nicely.  Orbit have collected some of the reviews which you can read here. Embarrassingly, I’ve been too busy to read my own crits so most of these comments came as a complete surprise to me.

Some previous reviews which I did manage to read can be found below:

First,  a FAB review of Hell Ship from the New York Journal of Books


And an equally enthusiastic review from Erik Lundqvist, who I met at a signing session at Forbidden Planet.  His blog has the ace name of ‘I Will Read Books’.

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