Book Signing Weekend

Yesterday I spent the afternoon signing books at Forbidden Planet…as jobs go, this was a bit like being forced to eat  chocolate in a chocolate factory.  This is the Shaftesbury Avenue branch of FP, whose basement is a place of joy and magic;  it’s cheaper to be mugged than to venture in to THIS particular bookshop.

This was all part of the Orbit Summer Signing Day A hand picked team of four Orbit writers were requested, nay summoned, to attend, consisting of me,  Nicole Peeler and Simon Morden, both good pals, and Tim Lebbon, who I’d never met before but who proved to be a delight.   We sashayed through the store like boxers on their way to fight the world champion before, um, sitting on our bums and signing books for an hour.

Bizarrely Tim was introduced on the tannoy as Tim Le Bon (better looking brother of Simon?); his book Echo City is, I gather, brilliant and full of swearing.  Simon is legendary for his Metrozone novels, with their extraordinary Bridget Riley-type covers. And Nicole is a writer whose work I adore – I’m working my way through her Jane True books and was thrilled to hear she’s just finished Volume 5.

FP do look after authors superbly well, and all the staff their have a great passion for their work and the genre.  The highlight of the event was when Nicole was given a boa (scarf? a long object that goes around the neck – hey, I’m a guy, what would I know) hand-made by one of her fans.  That’s what I call real dedication.

Later we convened for drinks with a number of Orbit folk including Anne Clark and Rose Tremlett.  A great chance to catch up.

And earlier today I ventured along to my local bookshop Crow on the Hill; they’ve sold most of the copies of HELL SHIP I signed for them a week or so ago so I had a new batch to scribble upon.  Jonathan, who runs the store, is a bibliophile who has made his shop a key part of the community in my little neck of the woods; so if you’re nowhere near Shaftesbury Avenue but want a signed copy of HELL SHIP, do get in touch with Crow online.


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