My Eastercon Schedule

I’ll be spending this weekend in Birmingham, at the 62nd Eastercon which has been christened Illustrious. 

If you’re around, do say hi.  I’ll be mainly in the bar (harumph) but I’ll also be in various panels and events. These are:

FRIDAY 22nd:

3pm.  Panel on Policing the High Frontier – a subject close to my heart since Version 43 is all about a cyborg cop who, er, polices the high frontier.

4.30.  Newcon Launch Party in honour of the short story anthology Further Conflicts in which I have a story (‘The Legend of Sharrock’).

Friday evening: Dinner with the Orbit team including (I hope) Mike Cobley, Jon Courtenay Grimwood  & Charles Stross.  Curry is obligatory.


12 noon.  Panel: Crime Fighting in C21:  Is the future of law enforcement Robocop?  Yup, it’s all crime crime crime for me this Eastercon!

1.30.  Panel on  Writing 101: Becoming a Writer

2.30-4.30.  I’ll be attending the T-Party Writers Workshop where I’ll be helping to critique work from 4 new writers.  This is a busman’s holiday sesssion for me, since I’ve spent a large party of my career working with writers, either as a script editor or screenwriting tutor.

6pm Screening of Dr Who.  I won’t be doing anything; just watching it!

7.30-9 BFSA Awards Ceremony


3pm.  Book signing session.

10.30pm – midnight.  Book reading with Palmer & Cobley.  That’s Mike Cobley, of Humanity’s Fire fame. 


Crawl home…

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