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I had an enjoyable film biz kind of a day yesterday. I had a meeting in the morning with a very lovely executive at a company called Future Films, who are very keen on a film project of mine – and have offered to help with financing. Yes please!

And then in the afternoon, I went to the private  screening of a film directed by a friend and former student of mine called Julian Kerridge. He’s made a low budget very haunting film called Sea Monsters – set in Brighton, with the MOST beautiful shots of that city I’ve ever seen. He’s a talent to watch.

After that, in the evening,  I was back to Future Films for a networking event for writers and directors.

Now normally I NEVER network. That’s because I am terrible at it. When I am introduced to powerful and important people I babble like a fool, and make it entirely impossible for them ever to employ me. So it’s my policy to avoid such people and such events at all costs.

However on this occasion, it proved to be a highly enjoyable and informal affair. I met some agents I haven’t seen in a while; an Italian director whose work I know and admire; and a fellow SFF writer called Andy Briggs who among other things has written a Tarzan prequel (he, ahem, “happened” to have a copy in his bag.)  I’m a huge Edgar Rice Burroughs’ fan, so I was duly jealous as hell.

I used to work in the film industry very early in my career, as a reader and script editor – working for David Puttnam, Lynda Myles, and other such luminaries. I kinew pretty much everyone, and I came to feel as if I ‘belonged’.   But for many years I worked in television with occasional forays into radio, and many of the people I knew moved on (or gave up in despair!) and I lost touch with the film community.  Yesterday however made me feel for the first time in a while that I have a place in the village that is the film industry.  Very nice feeling.

Free drink too. Did I mention that?  Film is such an unpredictable business that you can never be sure of getting a movie actually made.  But if there’s free  booze on the agenda – that’s a result!

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