Further Conflicts

I’m delighted to say I’ve just had a short story accepted for the above volume, published by Newcon Press and edited by Ian Whates (author and founder of the Newcon Convention in Northampton.) Ian’s one of the kindest and most ebulient of men, and gifted too; and I’ve no idea how he manages to do so much!

Geting a story accepted is always such a nice feeling..and Ian is the subtlest of editors.  Realising that some of his contributors would be late delivering, including and especially me,  he sent a Christmas card with this cover as a moral nudge.  Brilliant! 

The story is called ‘The Legend of Sharrock’, and it features a character who features elsewhere in my work.  In fact, Sharrock is one of those character I can’t bear to let go of – an heroic warrior with philosophical qualms.  He’s one of the major players in my novel Hell Ship, which is published later this year.  And if you scroll down you can see a wee bit of flash fiction also featuring this fearless, terrifying, smart alien hero.

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