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If you missed it, the best thing on telly last year was Misfits on E4. A superhero show; a comedy; a dark drama – it had it all.  Ace script reader and writer Danny Stack wrote with insight and a fan’s true enthusiasm about the magnificent series 1 on this site a while back.  And I think the second series – culminating in a Christmas special of blasphemous hilarity – was a stand-out.

Misfits tells the story of a bunch of Asbos with superpowers.  There’s Nathan who’s gobby and immortal.  Kelly, who’s gobby and telepathic.  Simon, who’s a nerd, socially incompetent, and has the power of invisibility.  The beautiful Alisha, who has the power to drive men and women mad with desire if she touches them -which means she can’t ever touch ANYONE.  And the athletic and often be-vested Curtis, who has the power to turn back time; but it rarely works.

These are pretty stupid superpowers.  And, what’s more, these are the most useless superheroes you’ve ever met.  All this makes it  more subversive than Kick-Ass – because it never plays by the rules of the superhero genre at ANY point. These dorks blunder their way through from one crisis to another, often accidentally murdering people along the way. Oh and they’re rude, and socially maladjusted; that’s why they got served with Asbos! [For US readers - an Asbo is a court order made against someone who hasn't necessarily broken the law, but has in some way been a jerk.)

The show is made by Clerkenwell Films; and it was developed by creative producer and Head of Drama Petra Fried, a friend and former colleague (from our days as development executives at Scottish Televison.)  She had the guts to back writer Howard Overman's lunatic vision; and she's helped to create what is, in my view, one of the greatest TV shows ever. Up there with Buffy - but ruder, and even funnier.

I can't say more because I really don't want to get tangled up in plot spoilers.  Catch up with it if you've missed it. And here are some pics:

Nathan dressed as Santa

Alisah, realising she's sold her power to make people horny to the wrong guy.

Curtis in a vest

Kelly, the telepathic chav

Simon and Alisha, spattered in afterbirth. Don't ask!

The mysterious superhoodie...

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