The Art of Deception 1: Available for Download

In a mere EIGHT DAYS time Series 2  of my radio drama THE ART OF DECEPTION will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 (20th – 24th December). 

A huge number of people (well actually on a few people) (okay truth be told, hardly anyone) have asked me how they might be able to listen to Series 1 of this drama about art, forgery and murder, featuring the brilliant but utterly duplicitous  Daniel Ballantyne.  And I’m now pleased – and indeed rather astonished – to reveal that Series 1  is now AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD.  It’s a snip at £6.59. 

If you listen to both versions you will notice a subtle – nay, a glaringly obvious – character transformation experienced by the character of Jessica Brown, who in series one is interviewing the dying Ballantyne for her book on his life as a forger.  You may also notice that the character’s voice changes somewhat between the two series. This is because in series 1 Jessica was played by the astonishingly gifted Indira Varma; and in series 2 she is played by the equally astonishingly gifted Hattie Morahan. 

This is forgery, radio drama style. 

Here are some pics of the actors in the show:

Hattie Morahan, who plays Jessica


Indira Varma, who also plays Jessica


David Schofield, who plays Daniel Ballantyne, and who rather pathetically fails to notice that the woman he loves IS A DIFFERENT WOMAN

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