The end of Summer…

This blog has been having a bit of a summer break…but now it’s September, expect much more news and opinions on a variety of things.  And I’ll also be featuring many more SFF Songs of the Week.

It’s been a crazy few months – writing, reading, meeting old friends,  more writing, and some potentially exciting new developments on my Welsh film noir Inferno.  Watch this space.

I’m now anticipating the release of my latest Orbit novel Version 43 on the 7th October; I’ll be going to Newcon on the 9th and 10th of October.  And at the end of October, I’ll be back in the BBC Radio recording studio for my new 5 part thriller The Art of Deception: Part 2.

I’ve also been doing a little bit of collaborating with fellow Orbit writer Jeff Somers, who supplied the wonderful SFF Song of the Week you can see below.  Jeff is one of the smartest coolest writers around, and I’m a big fan of his Avery Cates novels; his latest, The Terminal State, is released this month and in my view it’s his best yet.

The guys at Orbit decided it would be cool for Jeff and I to do some joint marketing for our books, so over the last few months we’ve been supplying interviews and other stuff about our work; and also attempting to compare the relative merits of our respective noir protagonists, namely Version 43 (me) and Avery Cates (Jeff). 

I haven’t seen the final results yet, but I think it all went very well.  I am, as I say, a great fan of Jeff’s work – though I don’t accept the persistent rumour that he’s better looking than me  – nor do I accept that his protagonist is tougher than mine – and in my comments I’ve attempted to be firm but fair in response to the sometimes rather provocative questions posed by the Orbit team, and by director Christine Lalla. 

So as I say, I think Jeff and I reveal ourselves to be very fair-minded generous chaps – but you can judge for yourself.

PS Can you believe this guy??????!!!!!?????

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