SFF Song of the Week: Richard Morgan

Here’s a song choice from the king of noir action SF, one of my favourite writers on today’s scene, the fabulous Richard Morgan.

Over to you Richard…

Richard Morgan writes:

Song of the Week: Beat the Devil’s Tattoo.

I’m far enough into my forties now that I can’t pretend I’m a young man anymore, and I’ve been waiting for this album like a sixteen year old. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are – no hype – the finest rock band in the world. They define exactly the edgy mix of soul and power that rock music delivers whenever it gets loose of market defined trends and complacent power chord pomp. For every blasting, feedback howling track in BRMC’s armoury, there’s a plaintive, lyrically defined acoustic ballad to match – and as often as not you’ll find those two contrasts co-existing in the same song. References to the Jesus and Mary Chain are inevitable, but for me the best point of comparison is the Rolling Stones circa Beggars’ Banquet and Let it Bleed – it’s the same dark energy, the same virtuoso guitar work, the same re-working of blues heritage, and the same subtle political and cultural echo chamber. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club provided me with the soundtrack to both Black Man/Thirteen and The Steel Remains, and this title track from their upcoming release showcases every reason why. Listen here:

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