Repo Men

I was looking for a movie to watch last night, and I saw this write-up of Repo Men in my paper, the Guardian:

‘The nasty but futuristic business of retrieving artificial organs from broke people is given a nasty but futuristic treatment in this silly, violent sci-fi’. 

Well, that didn’t sound very good, and I was all set to go and watch Centurion.  But the times didn’t work so it was Repo Men after all; and naturally I feared the worst.

But what a joy, and a relevation, it proved to be!  This is the funniest, most brilliantly satiricial science fiction movie since Robo Cop. It’s a dystopian vision with its tongue in its cheek; the acting is immaculate, the dialogue zings; the twists keep twisting. 

This is cinema for grown-ups who can appreciate wit allied with violence; and the Guardian reviewer is clearly utterly tone-deaf. Because this is a film which changes tone and genre constantly but subtly, in a way that allows the viewer to think about morality and social justice and STILL enjoy vicious kick-ass action.

The script is by Eric Garcia and Garrett Lerner, from the novel by Eric Garcia; the director is the stylish Miguel Sapochnik, who has a background as an art director

There’s absolutely nothing I can say about this film that won’t spoil the experience of watching it; so I’ll just conclude by saying this is the best science fiction movie I’ve seen since…um… Inglourious Basterds. 

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