This Week on Debatable Spaces: er….

I’ve been to Eastercon, I’m back…and I find myself immersed in work to a degree that’s exhilarating to an almost alarming degree.

I spent a day copy editing Version 43, which meant re-entering and re-feeling that whole weird scary universe…

I’m now close to critical mass on Hell Ship, my current book, which is an epic science fiction story and also an epic science fantasy story…to research it I’m rewatching Star Trek, Farscape, reading Conan and H.P. Lovecraft. This I realise is a my chance to pay hommage to ALL my favourite subgenres of SF, in the context of a mad high concept which I’m hoping you guys are going to like…

I’m also working on the budget of Inferno, checking out DPs, and I’m close to watching the entire first season of Dollhouse with only a day to go before Blockbuster Video want it back…

All this is by way of saying…this is going to be another quiet blogging week on Debatable Spaces. I’ve got a great guest blog on Mad Men, SFF Songs of the Week galore (including a magnificent new entry from Jennifer Rardin), and much to write about, including Aeonflux and Kickassitude in general. All that’s to come – starting from next week!

See you guys soon I trust….

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