SFF Song of the Week: Robert Grant

I recently had an email reminding me that the splendid Sci-Fi London Festival is coming up soon (end of April, beginning of May), organised by Louis Savy and Robert Grant. Robert is a charismatic chap who I met and got to know at last year’s Octoberfest in Greenwich; and all this reminded me that Robert has chosen a fabulous SFF Song of the Week and, er – here it is:

Robert  Grant writes:

‘Where’s Captain Kirk’ by SpizzEnergi (Rough Trade RTS04. 1979)

When Philip first extended the invite to choose SFF Song of the Week the immediate temptation was to reach across the huge back catalogue of some old prog-rock band like Hawkwind, ELP or Genesis or maybe something newer like Coheed & Cambria or Tool but two things stopped us: 1) they’re a bit too obvious and 2) they’re a bit po-faced and exclusive and for those reasons wouldn’t really represent what SCI-FI-LONDON is all about.

But this, this is more us. It’s a fabulous pop song, great fun, with real energy. Sure, it’s a bit rough around the edges but from the opening guitar riff to the last shout of the chorus you cannot help tapping your feet, singing along and having a great time whether you want to or not. We used it for the festival sting two years ago and every time it played, the audience – no matter how many times they’d heard it – jigged in their seats and sang along showing exactly why it was named Single Of The Week by Melody Maker, why it remained at No.1 on the newly created UK Indie Chart for over two months and in the top 50 for the entire year and why John Peel called it the best Star Trek song ever in his BBC1 programme on the music of Star Trek.

Mojo magazine included it in their list of the best punk rock singles of all time and while it’s been covered by a number of artists, most famously by R.E.M., and it’s been remixed and re-imagined a fair number of times over the years as well, the original is still, and will always be, the best and when you’re at this years SCI-FI-LONDON in May, whack it on the nearest juke box and you just might see a fat bloke dance!

I was beamed aboard the starship Enterprise
What I felt what I saw was a total surprise
I looked around and wondered can this be
Or is this the start of my insanity

Oh but it’s true
As we went warp factor 2
And I met all of the crew
Where’s Captain Kirk?

I went to the bridge and we were tossed about
In the storm of the vortex I was hit with a doubt
I saw in a dream in a memory of mine
Was it you was it me who was in all the time?

Spock pulled me through
As we went warp factor 2
And someone I saw I knew
Who’s Captain Kirk?

So when I awoke from the dangers of space
I looked and I saw a familiar face
The time warp in space made a change in me
For I was the captain and the captain was me

Yes it’s so true
As we went warp factor 2
The changes I had been through
As Captain Kirk
I’m Captain Kirk

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