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I’ve just been told of an exciting book tournament being held by BSCreview…It’s a knockout competition between rival books and the last book standing will, presumably, win fair maiden.

Hey – great idea!

Details are here.   And my novel Red Claw is one of 64 genre books selected to compete for the best genre novel of the year crown.  I’m up against Dragon Keeper by fantasy novelist Robin Hobb and – hold on one minute? Is this fair!  A tournament between a fantasy writer and an SF guy! Why not a space battle with plasma guns?

Leaving that aside; you can take part by voting (for Red Claw! Obviously! Pay attention out there…) on this thread.

Meanwhile, the cover (and indeed content) of Red Claw have been getting lovely mentions over at SF Signal in their feature on Recent sf/f/h Book Covers That Blow Us Away; look out for the contributions from Aidan Moher and SFF artist Bob Eggleton.

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