The Battle Between Good and Evil: Let’s Save Capitalism

My friend Adrian Reynolds has once again sourced a definitive piece about the current financial crisis which we are living  through, and which threatens to destroy our livelihoods and wreck our children’s future. (Yup, THAT crisis.)

It’s a piece in the Huffington Post by Les Leopold. Read it here.   It’s a an argument which I don’t think anyone could seriously contest; compare and contrast with the pieces by Polly Toynbee and Mark Taibbi I’ve already referenced in this on-going feature. 

The point is, some people want capitalism to fail; but I’m not one of them. I want capitalism to return. For what we have at the moment is not capitalism at all; it’s a billionaire bail-out society which is unfair, unstable,  and profits no-one apart from rich bastards.  Think about the Russian Tsar’s empire in the early years of the twentieth century; that’s just about how crap it is now.

Leopold ends his piece with a series of practical solutions, all of which are doomed to fail.  Because they lack theatricality. They are technical solutions  to what is essentially a moral and ethical crisis. For that reason, I prefer the RICO Act solution.  It sends a message: astute business practices and racketeering ARE different things, and must not ever be confused; hence, white-collar crime should lead inexorably to jail time.

Hey, serious stuff, for what is essentially a frivolous website about science fiction and fantasy and movies.  Next week will feature some cool images of Neo in the Matrix; that’s the kind of site this is, most of the time.  Neo, of course, is a HERO, who saves his world from a terrible conspiracy that denies ordinary people the chance to live ordinary decent lives.

In real life – there are no heroes! We surrender to evil conspiracies! We allow our ordinary decent lives to be totally fucked up by short sighted selfish bastards!

Or do we?

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