The Week Reviewed

I was in Brighton on Tuesday night to give a talk on  writing for television, organised by the splendid media training group Lighthouse (I’ve run a number of courses for Lighthouse on creating TV drama series, which have been, to be honest, so enjoyable it almost hurts.)

My fellow guest was BBC script editor Esther Springer, who has worked on many many TV shows, including Survivors and Born and Bred, and knows more about telly than anyone I know.  Esther told it as it is, and we had a lively session and a great discussion. It was a full house – about 70 people there – which shows what a passion for TV writing there is out in yon world.

Later in the week I had a meeting with ace producer Archie Tait, and we began cooking up some schemes. I also had a coffee with old friend, Dan McRae, who now has an important role in the British film industry (as head of development for a major distributor) but is as genial and entertaining as he’s ever been.

Nicole Peeler’s SFF Song of the Week – Sea Lion Woman by Feist – appeared on this site got a fabulous response, and I’m still getting great feedback for Al Reynolds’ choice, Wings by the Fall. (Oh, and one of my screenwriting students at the London Film School loved Experiment IV, Tony Ballantyne’s choice.) 

I wrote a blog for Orbit – it’s still there! – and a Movie Zone blog for this site about the classic SF movie THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL. And I read Paul Cornell’s wonderful CAPTAIN BRITAIN anthology of comics (he doesn’t like the term graphic novel), featuring a Muslim superheroine. This tale blends magic and action in a truly wonderful way, and is gorgeously illustrated by Leonard Kirk.

I’m close to the end of epic space opera The Risen Empire by Scott Westerfield. I’m at that stage of not wanting it to end; but also wanted, desparately, to know The Twist. (Do NOT write in and tell me.)

My own epic space opera Hell Ship is proceeding apace, but I’m encountering a major problem: I have too many aliens!  And all of them have different versions of phyics, and different terms for such things as hyperspace, teleportation and quantum physics.  Damn, maybe they should all speak English.

Robert Jackson Bennett and I have been exchanging emails recently; and indeed, we may write up our thoughts in a blog.  Robert’s the author of the acclaimed Mr. Shivers, and he’s a very smart and witty guy. 

And I may – for now – be close to the FINAL DRAFT of my Welsh film Inferno. Fingers crossed.

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