The funniest thing I read this week was John Crace’s parody of The Road, written from the point of view of an actual parent.

Screenwriter and blogger Danny Stack alerted me to this fascinating piece about screenplay credits in Hollywood, involving the movies Up in the Air, Nine and Avatar.  In a separate dispute, James Cameron has been accused of plagiarising the story of Avatar.

This week SFF Song of the Week featured Tony Ballantyne as our blogjay…Tony seems to be the honest person I know who’s loving the snow.   Those who know Tony and his blog will be aware he has a delightful passion for Folk Music, even when it’s unfashionable.  Tony’s a wonderfully inventive writer, who loves accordians and robots in equal measure.

I read this delightful short story about storytelling by Brazilian author Fabio Fernandes.

And I’ve been looking at the Analytics for this site, and am delighted to find that one of  the most-read blogs is a piece I wrote yoinks ago about my radio drama Breaking Point.  I would argue this is a good reason for the BBC to repeat it.  Now! Come on guys, get on with it.

Meanwhile, my latest Orbit blog - about why it was a great year for historical fiction – is still up there on their website and also lurking here.

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