This Week on Debatable Spaces

After last week’s blogfest on this site – featuring Tony Ballantyne, Kate Bush, Archie Tait and, er me – here’s another full  schedule for the Spaces that are Debatable:

SUNDAY:    Paintings of the Week.  Singalonga-art.

MONDAY:   Astronomy Photo of the Week & Reblog

TUESDAY:   My own weird take on Avatar - If Jackals Ruled the World

WEDNESDAY:   Alastair Reynolds hits the decks  with his choice of SFF Song of the Week.         

THURSDAY:    Movie Zone: a guest blog about the Spider-Man trilogy by Adrian Reynolds  (no relation to Wednesday’s guy)

FRIDAY:  The Week Reviewed

SATURDAY:   No idea what’s happening on Saturday. Could be something, could be nothing – let’s see!

ALSO, today on Radio 3 at 8pm then all week long in iPlayer is my adaptation of Tayeb Salih’s Season of Migration to the North.


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