The Week Reviewed

I killed a lot of people this week.  Millions of them, in fact.

Well, strictly speaking they weren’t ‘people’, just sentient aliens, but I killed ‘em. Horribly and stone dead.  Such is my life as a science fiction writer…

This was the week when I didn’t go to see The Road. I was intending to; it’s science fiction, it’s had stunningly good reviews, and I was all set to go and give it a try. But to be honest it sounds a bit grim; so instead, naughtily, being a shallow kind of a cove, I went to see Daybreakers instead – a vampire movie with a twist (humans are the endangered species!) which is flawed and silly but, hell, it’s great fun.

I also saw Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes, which is a treat.  After seeing the trailers, I pompously thought it was wrong to vulgarise Sherlock Holmes by making him a martial arts expert ass-kicker; but to be honest, after seeing the movie, I decided all that was cool.  After all, you can’t make a modern blockbuster without some kick-ass action – not if you want an actual audience.  But for the most part, this movie is true to the Holmes tradition of brilliant deduction and emotional turmoil. And Jude Law as Watson is pretty faithful to Conan Doyle’s original creation – not a duffer, but a competent soldier and loyal ally.

I finished Alan Moore’s magnificent graphic novel From Hell;  then read Warren Ellis’s astonishing Transmetropolitan.  I’ve got a guest blog in the Book Zone slot coming up on Ellis and his work – from screenwriter and comic book reviewer Stuart Angell McGregor – so watch this space.

And this is the week that Debatable Spaces grew up.  We had Tony Ballantyne’s SFF Song of the Week (the wonderful Experiment IV by Kate Bush).  We had Archie Tait’s marvellous and scholarly blog on SF movies.  There was the Painting of the Week slot on Sunday; Astronomy Photo of the Week on Monday (okay, okay, I forgot to post it, so I sneakily put it up on Tuesday and backdated it Monday – ha! Bet no one noticed.) And also on Monday was the Reblog section where I mention stuff that’s been on this site and elsewhere and still lives in archive cyberspace. 

This has been a fabulous week for me in terms of not going out much but still having lots of friends – I’ve been exchanging emails with Al Reynolds, Lilith Saintcrow, Nikki Peeler (all of whom are blogjayying in the SFF Song of the Week slot.) And I’ve also been in touch with movie and TV pals like Greg Dinner, Britt Harrison, Margaret Glover and Johnny Furse, who’ve all popped in to visit Debatable Spaces and have a little wander around. 

The next stage is to get a USB cable that connects my computer with my brain, and sit in a vat of baked beans.  Then I will be truly post-human! 

Oh, I also did a blog on the Orbit site, which is still there.  That was fun…

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