Coming Attractions

The aim of this new look Debatable Spaces is to have something new most days, rather than every now and then, as was my wont previously.  And to that end I have an army – yes an army! – of talented guest bloggers out there honing their prose.

And our coming attractions include:

Today:  um, actually, there isn’t anything new today. Just this blog saying what stuff is appearing on other more interesting days. But do scroll down if you want to see some pretty pictures.

Tomorrow (Wednesday): Tony Ballantyne’s SFF Song of the Week. It’s a brilliant choice; I’ve listened to it a dozen times in a week, and missed several meals.

The Day After Tomorrow (Thursday): Guest Blog from producer Archie Tait. Archie is a wonderful producer much beloved by the writers who work with him (hi guys!) and with something like 150 hours of TV to his credit. He’s a huge SF nut,  and was responsible for the cult SF TV shows Chimera and The Uninvited.  In his debut Movie Zone Guest Blog, he writes about science fiction movies.

Friday, and all the days after Friday : Other stuff….watch this space.

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