Here are some blogs which might be worth reading again…some from this site, some from elsewhere.

Stuart Angel McGregor on The X-Files.

Paul McAuley on the Science Top Ten, and a great link to some classic space porn.

Mark Charan Newton’s  controversial blog on why Sci Fi is dying and why fantasy fiction is the future; and a lovely mood-changing piece of music.

Brian Ruckley on cryptozoology, and on how many fantasy writers it takes to change a lightbulb.

SF Crowsnest on the 2010 novel releases and its reader-voted charts of top SFF books and movies/TV series  for 2009.

My own most popular blog ever – a piece I wrote about Captain Jack Sparrow ages ago.

Sometimes Comments are better than the blogs that they comment on…that’s certainly true of John Jarrold‘s passionate comments on Powell and Pressburger, at the bottom of my Red Shoes blog. John is a huge lover of film, and knows as much about movies as he does about science fiction – lots!

My blog on the craft of writing.

My review of The Bloody Red Baron by Kim Newman, which is a bloody good book.

And screenwriter Vishaal Desai’s in-depth analysis of the splendid vampire movie Let the Right One In.

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