The New Look Debatable Spaces

The new look Debatable Spaces looks, I have to admit, exactly the same as the old look Debatable Spaces.  But there are some subtle changes. Mainly involving have more stuff, on a more regular basis.

Weekly and fortnightly features

Every Wednesday, there will be an SFF Song of the Week.  This week’s choice was by me (see below). And next Wednesday and every Wednesday thereafter till the music runs dry, there’ll be a song chosen by someone who cares about this stuff.  Future guest BJs (blogjays) include Tony Ballantyne (next week), Alastair Reynolds, Nicole Peeler, Lilith Saintcrow, producer Archie Tait, and screenwriter/bloggers Stuart Angell McGregor and Adrian Reynolds.

Every Monday, there’ll be an Astronomy Photo of the Week – the best image from the Astronomy Photo of the Day tab, or from elsewhere. 

And every week or fortnight, I’ll do a Reblog section mentioning blogs which have appeared on this site or elsewhere which might merit attention. (Blogs come and go so fast; and I never ever get around to looking at a website’s archives…)

Monthly Features

As well as my usual ‘dashed off in a moment’ blogs, I’ll be featuring more thoughtful pieces under the headings Movie Zone, TV Zone and Book Zone.  Some of these will be written by me, some will be written by friends and colleagues who have expertise in these areas.  I’ve already featured a long blog on The X-Files. And some time next week there’ll be a long and (in my view) absolutely brilliant Movie Zone piece about SF movies by Archie Tait, producer and cineaste. 

I’m also writing – when time allows – a series of features about the craft of writing, based on my experiences as a screenwriter, novelist, script editor, TV head of drama and aspirant film producer – under the heading of The Writer’s Quest.

All these longer pieces can be found on the left hand side of this page under Debatable Archives.  Go to Miscellaneous and you’ll see a junk yard full of unsorted crap; but look under Movie Zone,  TV Zone, Book Zone, Science and Ideas and The Writer’s Quest and you’ll have some rather more considered and carefully organised crap.

All this will, I hope, make this website a busier place – a forum for me to bang on about things, but also a Debatable Space for those with strong and knowledgeable views to express about science fiction, movies and, indeed, life.

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