Debatable Spaces, revamped

I’ve been making some minor changes to this website – so  minor, you haven’t noticed them!

But it occurs to me that much of what appears on this site consists of  idle whitterings about this and that, which no one is ever going to want to read a second time. 

But some of the blogs I’ve written are more substantial.  I’ve started a series about writing,  I’ve written longer pieces about books like 1984 and  The Bloody Red Baron, and I’ve also started a feature called Movie Zone/TV Zone, where I alternate between my own pieces about movies & TV and features written by guest bloggers, like Angell, who wrote this amazing piece on The X-Files.

So in future, if you want to check back on anything that’s appeared here, look to the left and down a bit to the section called Debatable Archives.

The Book Zone contains a collection of longer blog essays – ‘blessays’? – about books.

Movie & TV Zone has the same for, er, movies & TV.

Science and Ideas contains a couple of blogs I’ve written recently on the Orbit site, plus other stuff as it occurs.

The Writer’s Quest is a series I’ve just started on the art and craft of writing, based largely as my experiences as a script editor, development executive and screenwriting tutor.  I’ve written Part 1: I hope I don’t shilly-shally and take too long to write Part II.  So watch this space. No, not this                                       space, the space to the left of the blogs, under Debatable Archives.

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