On Misfits

Ep 4 of Misfits screens tonight. If you’ve missed it so far, you can catch up here.

I’m in love with this show. It’s funny and dark and nasty, and all the main characters are totally unlikeable – and hence, I love them all.  There’s the gobby Irish one, the gobby chav one, the sexy slutty one,  the socially incompetent nerd, and the (actually rather pleasant) black athlete – all of them serving Asbos,  They are the much feared underclass; if they moved up a social tier, they’d be yobs; and they are never ever nice to each other. But I care about them, each and every one.

The brilliant conceit of the show is that they all have superpowers which are useless for fighting crime, and essentially just exaggerate the anxieties and fears these characters have anyway.  The telepathic girl (Kelly) is constantly enraged when she hears people thinking she’s a slag. The nerdy one (Simon) can become invisible – but no one notices him anyway.  And the black athlete (Curtis) can turn back time – and don’t we all wish we could do that, when we see what a mess we’ve made of our lives?

Ep 2 was my favourite so far – so very rude, and shocking, and yet with a big big heart.

This show is made by Clerkenwell – producers of the John Hannah Rebus, and the supernatural drama Afterlife.  I worked with Clerkenwell ‘head honcho’ (as movie people like to say) Murray Ferguson during my time at Scottish Television – he’s a softly spoken gent with impeccable taste. And my friend Petra Fried is now Head of Drama at Clerkenwell, and Executive Producer of Misfits.

Together with the equally rude True Blood, this is my favourite show on telly at the moment.

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