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I’ve finally succumbed and joined Twitter. (My username is Phil2Palmer.)  Like all evil vices, it’s addictive. I now know what Jack Yan is doing, I’ve heard Robert Grant’s view on copyright law, and I’m aware that my friend David Bishop is prepping lunch – chicken with lemons. (I have that recipe – it’s great!) 

I’ve also tweeted about my recent discovery of the meaning of life, over on the Orbit site. There’ve been some very cool blogs on this space recently, including Robert Jackson Bennett’s weird and wonderful neighbourly tales. (When I started reading them, I assumed it was all true – some people really do live strange lives, and meet the strangest people!)  But I guess Robert’s been having some fun at our expense…

I’m hoping to post a bit more regularly on the Orbit site - musings about science and fiction and things that are stranger than fiction. 

That’s if I can drag myself away from Twitter.  (Hold on – let me just – yes, I’ve sent one.) Like all addictions, it’s (hold on – Is  Twitter an addiction? Yup, I’ve sent that little insight out into the world) and some scientists fear that (hold on – Is there some special lab where they keep all the scientists who fear stuff? -What a great thought!  yup, that’s tweeted now) and – where was I?  Who am I? I’m lost in cybermuddle.  I’m so busy tweeting and blogging my life I haven’t got time to (life? What life?)

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