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One of the best movies out at the moment – nay, one of the best movies I’ve seen for many a year! – is the new Pixar animation, Up.  It’s the story of an old man (voiced by Edward Asner) whose wife dies, and who needs a walker to get around, and who is sad and lonely,  and who (for reasons I won’t go into, for fear of spoiling it for you) is forced to go into an old people’s home.

And it’s hilarious!  That is pure genius – to take such a dark story and find joy and life and colour in it.  If you’ve seen the trailer, or indeed if you’ve spotted the image at the top of this blog, you’ll know what the high concept is – balloons! – and it’s an extraordinary premise that is executed with superb logic, and sublime consequences.

This is a film which has to be seen in 3D – it’s a visual banquet, with images of jungle and waterfall and beautifully coloured creatures and, searing its way into the visual cortex, that darned house held aloft by balloons.

I loved Toy Story and Monsters Inc; I thought The Incredibles was genius; I thought Cars was one of the most subtle and evocative films of recent years. But with this new movie, head honcho John Lasseter and his crew have excelled even themselves.

It’s written by Bob Peterson and Pete Docter, and directed by Pete Docter and Bob Peterson – hey those guys  must be sick of the sight of each other – with some help on the story from Thomas McCarthy.

Because it’s a kids film it’s a wee bit embarrassing to go on your own but I did, and you should.  Magic doesn’t get any more magical than this.

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