Mars Approaches

Have you heard? It’s in the stars.

Next July we collide with Mars

Well, did you evah,

What a swell party this is….

These Cole Porter lyrics (from the movie High Society) popped into my head yesterday at the news that Mars is due to make its closest approach to Earth in recorded history.  To the naked eye, it will appear as large as the full moon, according to one account I read.

No one alive today will ever see this again; so check it out. August 27 seems to be the day…

STOP PRESS! I wrote this piece yesterday, after receiving an amazing powerpoint about this phenomenon from a trusted source.  However, one of the eagle-eyed readers of this site spotted that the article I linked above dates to 2003.  And according to this site I’ve been duped.

Since the blog that follows this is called The Art of Deception, I guess it’s appropriate I’ve been deceived.

Sorry guys!

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