On Red Claw

Red Claw,  my follow up to Debatable Space, is now on its way to a bookshop near you….well actually, not till later this year (October I believe).  But there’s an account of the book on the Orbit website written by someone even crazier than I am…

Red Claw is very like Debatable Space, except for the fact that it’s completely different in every respect. It’s not set in space, it doesn’t have antimatter bombs and black holes, or space battles, or Flanagan and Lena.  What it does have aliens. Many many aliens.  Very very very many aliens. And Doppelganger Robots. 

With this book, I set out to write a reflective, analytical study of scientific method and the joy of discovery. 

Then I thought, what the hell! and wrote Red Claw, which is a reflective, analytical study of scientific method and the joy of discovery combined with relentless KICK-ASS ACTION and a ticking clock narrative in which the end of the world is increasingly, and alarmingly, nigh. 

Check out the cover too. This was the subject of great debate between myself and the Orbit guys and (in my opinion!) what they’ve come up with is wildly audacious and vivid.  It evokes all those SF pulp covers I used to love so much, but in a very modern way.  The toy spacemen, by the way, were borrowed from the extensive collection of toy action figures that I keep in my attic, next to my Airfix spaceships  (sigh…I’m so sad.)

I hope to publish an excerpt from the book on this site in due course; watch this space.

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