The Bombing in Gaza

I’m just returning to my desk after the Christmas break…and I’ve been reading a blog written by a Palestinian journalist now based in America about the experiences of her friends and family in bomb-torn Gaza.  It’s sobering, terrifying stuff – but do take a look here.

I first came across this blog when I was researching for my Fact to Fiction radio play about Gaza – written in the week when the borders were closed.  The blog was a great resource for me in terms of its insights into everyday life in that world; it’s an inspiring blend of family news and gossip  replete with photos of the writer’s children, mixed with accounts of life as it’s lived by modern Palestinians.  The author now lives in the US, but her parents, both doctors, are still in Gaza, dealing with a world where terror now rains from the skies on a daily basis. The two home-made videos on this site are particularly vivid.

The political arguments about what should happen in Gaza and occupied Palestine are complex, and we’ve all been in arguments in which this side is blamed, or that side is blamed.  But the blaming game doesn’t help the Gazan police officers who see their bombed colleagues in pieces beside them, or the schoolchildren who flee their burning schools. So, lest we forget,  the human consequences of the political impasse are truly appalling, and a lasting solution must surely be found,  sometime soon. 

Sorry for the untypically bleak tone of this post-Christmas blog…the world is full of dark stories, but this is the one that reached out to me at this particular moment.

Let’s hope the New Year brings hope and happiness to all those who deserve it.

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