On Cinema in the Stars

I was intrigued to see today that the SF blockbuster The Day the Earth Stood Still is number 1 in the US box office charts, with a staggering $31,000,000 in box office dosh being received, despite some very stinky reviews.  It’s alleged that Keanu was himself christened by aliens, preparing the ground for their eventual invasion.

I’ll certainly see the movie, just to judge for myself. But this film has already broken the all-time cinema box office record for the widest release.  Normally, movies opens on dozens or sometimes scores or sometimes hundreds and sometimes even thousands of screens.  But the Standing Still Earth movie has topped all this; it has been digitally transmitted to Alpha Centauri,  in an audacious studio publicity stunt.

I’m reminded of the scene in Cinema Paradiso, where the projectionist projects the movie out of the window, on to the side of the building opposite. On that basis, I’m assuming that if you were orbiting Alpha Centauri on your space ship, you would see Keanu’s image bouncing off the rocks of some uninhabited rock. 

I’m damned if I can remember the name of it now, so addled is my memory, but I do recall reading an SF tale in which the evil aliens decide to shun and boycott the Earth, because they’ve been tuning in to our TV and radio shows for the last hundred years - and since it’s such crap, they have decided to steer well clear. 

So maybe Keanu is in fact helping to save the world ….?

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