Free Books!!!!!

I’ve just discovered that Orbit are recklessly giving away free copies of Debatable Space every Friday lunchtime, from this week until the end of August.

All you have to do to be eligible is sign up as a Fan of the exciting Debatable Space Facebook site.  Click here for further details of the comp, and click here to get straight on the site.

I love the idea of a book being on Facebook - let’s face it, my novel has more friends than I do, and a far better social life!  In fact, my book has travelled around the world, and has been read by lots of charming and likeable people. Whereas I sit in my attic and work, and fester, and rarely see anyone from one month to the next. (Hmm, maybe I should be reincarnated as a novel?)

The Facebook site also features the Afterword to Debatable Space, which was included in the trade paperback but isn’t in the new mass market edition.  You can find this under Notes.

If you already have an edition of Debatable Space and get a new free copy – then that’s your chance to give it away to a friend who you think might be seduced by its evil appeal. 

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