On Debatable Space

It’s been a good year for Debatable Space,  and indeed for me. I’ve been delighted at the many nice responses I’ve had from SF fans.  And I’ve also been thrilled at the reaction from friends who aren’t SF fans who have loved the book, and said nice things about it,  and, most importantly, let’s face it, cutting out the wishy-washy mimsy euphemstic shilly-shallying, have bought the book.

In fact, I had a meeting this week with a producer who had (accidentally) bought two copies of the book from Amazon.  That’s the way to do it! Buy more!  If you need something to go under that wobbly table leg, buy Debatable Space! It’ll do the job nicely.

Oops, okay, sorry, I went off the rails a bit there.  That’s writers for you.  We want to be loved, we want to be creatively fufilled, but most of all, we want to have our books bought. 

Sad, I know. 

Anyway,  continuing this theme, of books being bought, I’m delighted to say that Debatable Space has been re-born (or rejuved?) in its new format mass market edition. 

The cover is very subtly different, it’s smaller, it’s got a nice quote from Eric Brown on the front, and an interview with me in the back.  But basically, I have to admit, it’s exactly the same. So, damn it, if you already have a copy of Debatable Space, there’s really no point you buying this new version. Don’t bother. It’s okay. I shan’t be offended!

The new and smaller (and just as enjoyable (I hope!)) Debatable Space is published on the 7th August, which is next week isn’t it? (I have trouble keeping track of time (there, another unnecessary bracket!) these days).  Available in all good book stores, including and especially Waterstone’s, who have been wonderfully supportive of the book, and have,  ahem, sold copies of it.

And for those who haven’t read it yet, but plan to do so - I hope you find it a strange but satisfying journey into a weird imaginative place.   

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