On Eastercon

Bella Pagan has written a lovely piece about her experience at Eastercon…which include getting lost in those scarily winding corridors at the Renaissance Hotel.  I had a wonderful time also, and I’m left with a number of rich memories that will stay with me:

 - drinking too much wine with John Jarrold, Darren Nash and Bella Pagan, and hearing John sing a medley of songs from Guys and Dolls;

- marvelling at Charles Stross talking about the future, in his Guest of Honour Speech, with such effortless articulacy and attention to detail and casual charisma;

- listening spellbound to Neil Gaiman reading from his new novel, about a little orphan boy raised by ghosts;

- meeting the wonderful and very charming Tanith Lee, who is astonishingly young considering she’s written nearly 100 books. Tanith admits that her writing method involves very little planning, and few revisions; her process is more like the ‘channelling’ experienced by a medium who is possessed by spirits than mere humdrum writing. 

It’s rare to meet so many engaging people in such a short space of time; and (as an avid reader of SF who has never been to a convention before)  a pleasure to so quickly become part of that science fiction community.  I’m looking forward to the next Eastercon already.

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