The Future History of Debatable Space

I’m reading the proofs for Debatable Space this week…a delightful but terrifying exercise.   The story spans a thousand years, and features extraordinary events that are meant to be implausible and incredible, and yet should still be possible, just about.

Now I have to make sure that I haven’t made dumb mistakes in the chronology and with the science.  This, to my horror, involves writing an account (albeit a brief one) of everything that happens between AD 2004 (when my heroine Lena is born) and AD 3000 (Lena’s Subjective Time – not Earth Time!) when there’ s a great big kick-arse battle.

The sensible way to write a future history is to write one book; then write another book set twenty years later; then another book set twenty years later still.  I have not done this sensible thing.  I have started with an epic, and now I have to check that the Future History I have created that will stand the test of time….   

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